Axial%20%26%20Mixed%20Flow%20Pumps Axial & Mixed Flow Pumps for Large Volume Pumping
Vertical pumps for handling water in large volumes. Mixed flow types in single and multi-stage designs and propeller types (axial flow).
Capacity:  < 220000 GPM
Temperature:  < 140° F
Head:  < 100 ft.
Horsepower:  < 5000 hp
Brochure:  B-300
Booster%20Pump%20Packages Booster Pump Packages
Custom water-booster pumping systems for a wide variety of applications including plumbing, municipal, industrial, HVAC, and irrigation. Simplex or multiplex pump packages.
Capacity:  To fit application
Drives:  Constant-Speed Electric Motor, VFD Electric Motor, or Diesel Engine
Head:  To fit application
Horsepower:  To fit application
Pumps:  End-suction, Vertical Turbine, Horizontal Split-case, Multistage Diffuser
Encased%20(Can%20Type)%20Water%20%26%20Process%20Liquid%20Pumps Encased (Can Type) Water & Process Liquid Pumps
Vertical lineshaft multi-stage close coupled pumps with pumping unit encased.
Capacity:  < 150000 GPM
Temperature:  < 450° F
Head:  < 6930 ft.
Horsepower:  < 5000 hp
Brochure:  B-400
General%20Purpose%20In-Line%20Centrifugal%20Pumps General Purpose In-Line Centrifugal Pumps
Centrifugal in-line, pipe supported, close coupled pumps and motor. Type PV.
Capacity:  < 800 GPM
Temperature:  < 250° F
Head:  < 2200 ft.
Horsepower:  < 75 hp
Brochure:  B-2200
Horizontal%20Split%20Case%20Multi-Stage%20Pumps Horizontal Split Case Multi-Stage Pumps
Horizontal split case multi-stage centrifugal pumps. Packed and sealed types. Types TU and TUT.
Capacity:  < 4500 GPM
Temperature:  < 300° F
Head:  < 1600 ft.
Horsepower:  < 800 hp
Brochure:  B-1400
Horizontal%20Split%20Case%20Single-Stage%20Pumps Horizontal Split Case Single-Stage Pumps
Horizontal split case single-stage centrifugal pumps. Packed and sealed types. 2" to 24" discharge sizes. Type AE, BT.
Capacity:  < 25000 GPM
Temperature:  < 250° F
Head:  < 675 ft.
Horsepower:  < 1400 hp
Brochure:  B-1200, B-1300, B-2000
Industrial%20Sump%20Pumps Industrial Sump Pumps
Heavy duty industrial sump pumps with interchangeability with the 8196 ANSI pump’s wet ends. Series 8196.
Capacity:  30-1600 GPM
Temperature:  < 180° F
Head:  15-310 ft.
Horsepower:  < 60 hp
Brochure:  B-9200
Modular%20Multi-Stage%20Pumps Modular Multi-Stage Pumps
Horizontal modular multi-stage centrifugal pumps or ring section design. Packed and seal types. Types MSL and MSM.
Capacity:  < 1100 GPM
Temperature:  < 356° F
Head:  < 2130 ft.
Horsepower:  < 453 hp
Brochure:  B-2800
Peerless%20Package%20Pumping%20Systems Peerless Package Pumping Systems
Experience in evaluating customer pump application requirements has led to the design and development of thousands of Peerless packaged pumping systems. Package systems, consisting of pre-piped and pre-wired pumps, drives and controls have been built to safety customer needs in agricultural irrigation, plant circulating service, municipal water distribution and fire protection applications.
Features:  Effective space utilization
Accurate pre-determined cost
Simplified installation
Complete equipment capability
Single source service and warranty
Equipment tailored to your requirements
Brochure:  B-1540 (Fire Pump System), B-1541 (Power Plant System), B-1542 (Offshore System)
Self-Priming%20Industrial%20Pumps Self-Priming Industrial Pumps
Integral self-priming pumps. Packed and sealed types. Model 8796.
Capacity:  < 700 GPM
Temperature:  < 500° F
Head:  < 400 ft.
Horsepower:  < 40 hp
Brochure:  B-8796
Unipressure%20Booster%20Package Unipressure Booster Package
Domestic water-booster pumping systems for commercial buildings. Duplex or triplex pump packages. UL listed.
Capacity:  < 900 GPM
Drives:  Constant-Speed Electric Motor or VFD Electric Motor
Head:  < 380 ft.
Horsepower:  < 30 hp (each pump)
Pumps:  Closed-coupled end-suction (CIBF)
Vertical%20Industrial%20%26%20Process%20Pumps Vertical Industrial & Process Pumps
Vertical close coupled single stage or multi-stage turbine pumps.
Capacity:  < 150000 GPM
Temperature:  < 450° F
Head:  < 2300 ft.
Horsepower:  < 5000 hp
Brochure:  B-110
Vertical%20Pre-Engineered%20Booster%20Pumps Vertical Pre-Engineered Booster Pumps
Pre-engineered, close coupled vertical turbine pumps with fabricated steel suction barrels. Packing or mechanical seals.
Capacity:  80-500 GPM
Temperature:  < 115° F
Head:  69-474 ft.
Horsepower:  < 100 hp
Brochure:  B-2700
Vertical%20Submersible%20Pumps Vertical Submersible Pumps
Vertical deep well pumps with submerged motor.
Capacity:  < 8000 GPM
Temperature:  Ambient
Head:  < 1000 ft.
Horsepower:  < 500 hp
Brochure:  B-700
Vertical%20Turbine%20Pumps%20for%20Water%20Supply%20from%20Drilled%20Wells Vertical Turbine Pumps for Water Supply from Drilled Wells
Vertical lineshaft deep well pumps. Options of oil lubrication or water lubrication, underground or surface discharge.
Capacity:  < 100000 GPM
Temperature:  < 180° F
Head:  < 2500 ft.
Horsepower:  < 5000 hp
Brochure:  B-101, B-102, B-103